Kenya is a country in East Africa with Coastline on the Indian Ocean, it encompasses Savannah, lake lands the dramatic Great Rift Valley that runs from Lebanon , Israel through Kenya to South Africa, and the Mountain highlands the country has the second highest mountain in Africa which is Mt Kenya and the third highest Mountain in Africa which is Mount Elgon borders Kenya and Uganda.  Kenya has beautiful highlands and mountains like the Aberdare ranges. Kenya is the home wildlife like Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Buffaloes and Giraffes, the country has seven gazetted National Parks which are; Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park, Amboseli National park, Lake Nakuru National park which is well know as the home of flamingos and pelicans, Aberdares National Park and the famous Maasai Mara National Park which is known by its unique migrating wildebeest which among the seven wonders of the world and   Its Maasai people who has deep and rich colorful culture. Kenya also lies on the Equator and this makes the country to get Equatorial rains, the country has different climate, around the Indian Ocean the climate is warm and humid tropical, around   Its capital City Nairobi, the climate is cold. Near Mt Kenya the climate is cooler and in the Rift Valley, we have equatorial climate around lake Victoria and it’s get hot and dry.  The Kenya coast is know by its beautiful beach that most tourists around the world visit for spend their holidays as they enjoy the Swahili culture which is hospitable. Lamu and Mombasa are one of the oldest towns in Africa and known for its entry for slave trade businessmen, explorers and Europeans who came to colonize Africa. Kenya has several lakes with fresh waters, lake Victoria being the largest lake in Africa lies on the western part of Kenya. We also have lake Turkana on the Northern part of Kenya and within the country we have lake Naivasha which is known for its geothermal, Lake Nakuru and lake Elementaita. The country is known as the country that has dominated the world marathons by producing the best athletes in the world, the country depends most on Agriculture and its population is 42 million people composed of 42 different tribes and colorful cultures. The unifying language in Kenya is Kiswahili and English. – Joseph Amollo Ayienga