We are Marine Conservation without Borders. You are too!

We are currently working on three projects:

  • Treasures of the Caribbean is our flagship project. We are creating bilingual educational instruments that can be used by anyone teaching tropical marine ecosystem conservation concepts. We have begun creating these tropical marine conservation instruments in such a way that they are easy to translate. They were also created so that they can be used to teach these fundamental marine conservation concepts in any country on the planet that has tropical marine ecosystems. In the future we envision projects such as Treasures of the South China Sea or Treasures of Wasini Island.

    Our educational tools will be available in locally translated and relevant languages for all of the cultures in the greater Caribbean basin. So far, that means each chapter needs to be translated into 19 languages and more are on the way! To achieve this goal, we invite you to become a sponsor for any language/chapter combination you choose. We are starting with the Sea Turtle and Manatee chapters that are pictured below. We are also working on a chapter on plastics, if you are interested in sponsoring any of these chapters just let us know. 

    An added value to the “Treasures” series are the line drawings by Madison Heltzel. She is a wonderful artist and we will use these illustrations later to create a marine conservation coloring book for children in each of the languages. If you are interested in sponsoring any of these images please use the Fisher–Family heading on the donate page.

    To sponsor a chapter, simply go to our Donate page and choose the “Underwriter” level and donate. In a few days you will receive an email asking which chapter, language and country you want to sponsor. We will also want to know how you want to be acknowledged and we can embed a link to your group or organization in your acknowledgement on a page in the online version of the chapter you sponsor.

  • We will work with local ministries of education, fishery experts, coastal resource managers, indigenous peoples and other stake holders to create educational curriculum for primary and secondary schools in the greater Caribbean basin, the tropical western Atlantic and beyond.... These educational instruments will be bilingual and adapted to the local language spoken in the home. We are always looking for new languages. If your country is not yet represented here and you can translate your mother tongue, please contact us. All languages and all peoples are welcome to join our project.
  • Creation of an 18 week university level marine conservation science text book. This will be either a 1 or 2 semester class. We want this to have a lab component. We will be asking scientists that specialize in a specific ecosystems or species or issues to contribute this content. We hope to have at least one contributor from each of the countries of the greater Caribbean basin as a contributor. This will give the students in each country a direct connection to the content. Click here to view current list of themes.