Marine Conservation Without Borders is a community based organization with volunteers operating in many countries throughout the Americas and East Africa. Our primary focus is tropical marine ecosystem conservation science education that deals with the specific species, ecosystems, and needs of local fishing communities of these countries. We design educational instruments to be used in schools. An added bonus to these educational instruments is that we make them available not only in the lingua franca of a country, but also in minority languages including indigenous languages of that country. We believe an education in the language spoken in the home is the best education. All peoples and all languages are equal in our endeavor.

Marine Conservation without Borders is a US Registered 501(c)3 public charity. Contributions made by US Citizens are tax deductible under IRS Section 170(b) (1) (A) (vi). We are also registered as a not for profit corporation in Belize and coming soon to a country where you live.


 Our Membership Program:

Marine Conservation without Borders believes that our donors are our allies in creating these educational tools in the community voice and written in locally appropriate languages. We realize that you share our goal of having these marine conservation science tools embedded in the curriculum of the school systems in the fishing communities that we serve in order to empower these peoples with the tools to better protect these marine ecosystems. All contributions go directly to creating accessible marine conservation science text books and other materials for local institutions. We do not allocate valuable resources to material benefits for members.

Marine Conservation without Borders does not print books. We make them available for free to access online and license the local Ministry of Education to print these instruments for the schools. We receive no royalties for our work. This helps keep the cost of these educational instruments down while also increasing access.

Membership Benefits:

Satisfaction of knowing that your contribution is going toward employing local people needed to adapt the project for their schools and for their community.

Adapting the material locally gives these citizens a greater sense of ownership of these concepts and also a greater sense of empowerment to protect these resources on which their families are dependent.

Your support will help create more resilient tropical marine ecosystems through relevant community education.

The Fisher

Our basic membership level, the Fisher is the backbone of marine fishing communities. They are on the water on a daily basis supporting their families and providing food for local markets. Fisher members are the foundation of our organization.

  • Membership Level: $25 USD-single, $75 USD-family/dual


  • Annual membership
  • Subscription to e-newsletter


The Sailboat Captain

The sailboat has been a fundamental part of global artisanal fisheries for time immemorial. Today in the Caribbean, there will be a sailboat owner, and he will go out with several other fishers. Each fisher will have a small canoe on the sailboat. When they reach the fishing grounds each fisher uses his canoe to fish the area and store his catch on the sailboat. The sailboats stay out for as long as the ice lasts before returning to the mainland to land their catch. Sailboat Captain members are vital to the daily operations of our organization.

  • Membership Level $200 USD


  • Annual Membership
  • Subscription to E-News Letter
  • Acknowledgment in our annual newsletter
  • Free downloadable copy of e-book


The Underwriter

The Underwriter is a unique membership as this money is targeted to sponsor a specific chapter for translation and adaptation for one language group. This is the approximate minimum cost to take care of photos and illustrations for a chapter and pays local scientists, translators, copy editors etc. It also gets the chapter ready for the printer and ready to be posted on the internet when this edition is complete.

  • Membership Level $1200 USD


  • Annual membership
  • Subscription to e-newsletter
  • Acknowledgement in the online version of the book and our web page
  • Downloadable e-book version of the book in which you sponsored a chapter

For additional information click on go to our Projects Page.

The Skiff Captain

The skiff is an integral part of the artisanal fisheries of the Caribbean. It has a motor and is used in one form or another in artisanal fisheries around the world. The skiff captains go out for the day and catch what they may, then land their catch the same day. Our fleet of Skiff Captain members play a vital role in our organization.

  • Membership Level $2000 USD


  • Annual membership
  • Subscription to e-newsletter
  • Name and/or logo will be featured on publicity tools produced by MCWB (website, social media, videos etc.)
  • Downloadable e-book version of the book(s) in which you helped complete.
  • One-time printed copy of the book


The Patron

Since the times of the Renaissance the Patron has been the driving force behind social and scientific change. The Patron funded the arts and science at a great nexus in human history. Their support gave us wonderful paintings, statues, architecture, and funded scientific research and exploration. Indeed, the Patron has been the bedrock of scientific and social progress for all of modern history.

  • Membership Level $5000 USD


  • Lifetime membership
  • Subscription to e-newsletter
  • Name and/or logo will be featured on publicity tools produced by MCWB (website, social media, videos etc)
  • Downloadable special e-book version of the book you helped complete
  • You will receive a print of one of the book covers you supported suitable for framing. This will be accompanied by a letter of thanks from the principle author.
  • Will receive a special edition copy of the book your contribution helps fund. The Benefactor will also receive a special edition of our resource book in one of the principle languages we are working with. The Benefactor will be acknowledged in these special editions.

Sustaining Member

Sustainable fishing practices are the key to protecting marine ecosystems and preserving our resources for future generations. Without long-term planning the viability of a fishery can collapse and the seafood supply will be cut off. We support sustainable fisheries and by promoting conservation education believe that we can create more opportunities for sustainability.

You can help us by becoming a Sustaining Member of Marine Conservation without Borders and providing ongoing support for us, which allows us to better plan ahead and allocate resources where needed. Choose to become an ongoing Sustaining Member at any of the membership levels, and your donation will be divided up into monthly payments taken automatically each month, until you wish to stop.

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