Mission & Vision

Where science and community meet to advance marine conservation, education, and sustainability

Our mission is to provide sound and relevant conservation education resources designed for targeted linguistic and cultural contexts. Marine Conservation without Borders promotes projects aimed at developing educational resources and conservation science for the benefit of and to be used by fishing and coastal communities. Our programming and projects promote resource conservation among fishing communities by producing content that is scientifically accurate and locally relevant.

Our idea is simple, but with a subtle twist: use an interdisciplinary focus of anthropology, linguistics, and marine science to promote conservation values. In this way we can show why conservation is important through using examples from environments familiar to fishing people and their children. Our projects are founded on collaboration with scientists, fishery professionals, and fishing people from the countries we target, providing the best foundation for delivering conservation education messages by voices from each country and in the languages they speak. Locally appropriate, locally relevant, locally meaningful.

Thomas Dean King, PhD – Marine Conservation without Borders